Motel l'Archipel
C.P. 192
547, chemin Gros-Cap

Étang-du-Nord, Québec
G4T 3M1
Because a trip to the Islands takes place by the sea. Motel l’Archipel is located directly by the edge of Gros-Cap beach. You have a view of the sea, Entry Island, and spectacular sunrises from each room.

Because the possibility of making your own dinner can be pleasant. The rooms of Motel l’Archipel are all equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave as well as the necessary kitchenware to give you the freedom to cook and to save on restaurant expenses.

Because being close to the action can be exciting. Motel l’Archipel is located on l’Île Centrale. You can get to the village by foot (more or less 20 minutes), and a five-minute drive will take you to a grocery store, a fish shop/cafeteria (La Factrie), an art gallery, and a shopping centre (Place des Îles). Also, the red sandstone cliffs close to the motel make it a perfect setting for sea kayaking.

Because tranquility is soothing. Motel l’Archipel is located far from the main road (199); therefore, you cannot hear traffic noise. A bicycle path is near the motel and you can, at all times, benefit from the peacefulness of Gros-Cap beach.

Because obtaining best value is always a good thing. Without cutting back on service, the Motel l’Archipel team does everything possible to offer you a product of quality at reasonable prices. We count on a regular clientele who comes and comes back to visit us.

Because for us, the little extras are essential. Motel l’Archipel pays attention to little details to make your stay all the more pleasant. For example, a BBQ is at your disposal for dinners on the terrace. You can also borrow lawn chairs.

Because on vacation, you have to satisfy all senses. At Motel l’Archipel you will have the rolling of the waves (sound), a window with a view of the sea (sight), the fragrance of salty air (smell), food according to your talent (taste), and the nice and cosy comfort of your rooms (touch).

That’s why choosing Motel l’Archipel for your next vacation to the “Z’Îles” is a decision that makes a lot of sense.